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by Stefano Consiglio


The relationships of nine gay and lesbian couples. It begins with Alessandro and Marco, two university students from Catania, and continues on to Versailles with Nathalie, Valérie and their little daughter Sasha. In Paris, 60-somethings Catherine and Christine have been together for 20 years. Then there are Lillo and Claudio, who live in Sutri, a small town near Rome. Thomas and Johan have been living in Berlin happily for a number of years. Emiliana and Lorenza have been living in their beautiful little house between Parma and Mantova for seven years. Gino and Massimo of Palermo have been in love and working together for 30 years. Gaël and William have also lived and worked together for many years, in Paris. Lastly, Spanish spouses Maria and Marisol live in the countryside near Barcelona. Luca Zingaretti introduces the film reciting a text by Aldo Nove, and Ursula Ferrara ties the various stories together with her short animated films.

original title: L'amore e basta
country: Italy
sales agent: The Party Film Sales
year: 2009
genre: animation
directed by: Stefano Consiglio
film run: 75'
cast: Luca Zingaretti
cinematography by: Francesco Di Giacomo, Marco Onorato
film editing: Silvia Di Domenico
costumes designer: Maria Rita Barbera
music: Rocco De Rosa
producer: Angelo Barbagallo, Andrea Occhipinti
production: BiBi Film, Lucky Red
distributor: Lucky Red
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