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by Kolton Lee


Ondene is beautiful, talented, and destined to study law at Oxford if she gets good A-levels. Nothing less will satisfy her domineering, mother, Hyacinth. When a basketball court is set up near her private school, Ondene is charmed by a charismatic, freestyle basketball player, Leon, and they decide to enter a competition. From a deprived background, Leon dreams of going to university, and needs to win to pay his way. Ondene deceives Hyacinth to be with Leon, and romance blossoms. But just before the freestyle basketball and A-level finals, Hyacinth finds out, and splits them up. Angered by Hyacinth's interference, Ondene decides to take charge of her life but she has to make tough decisions about her family, education, and the man she loves.

international title: Freestyle
original title: Freestyle
country: United Kingdom
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Kolton Lee
release date: UK 16/10/2009
screenplay: Michael Maynard
cast: Chris Wilson, Suzann McLean, Arinze Kene, Lucy Stanhope
cinematography by: Steve Gray
film editing: Dominic Strevens
art director: Dan Taylor
costumes designer: Miss Molly
producer: Lincia Daniel
production: B19 Media Limited, BBC Films
backing: Microwave, Film London, National Lottery
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