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by Simon Szabó


The film is about young people in their teens and twenties. They look for ways out of trouble, though sometimes what they find is the way that leads to it. A true urban story from a different perspective.

international title: Paper Plans
original title: Papírrepülôk
country: Hungary
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Simon Szabó
film run: 94'
release date: HU 30/01/2009
screenplay: Simon Szabó
cast: Eszter Bódi, Nóra Lili Hörich, István Znamenák, Péter Sohonyai, Simon Szabó, Andrea Tamási, Fruzsina Müller, Kornél Nacsa, József Antal, Márk Kis Domonkos
cinematography by: Albert Czomba
film editing: Albert Czomba
costumes designer: Natasa Petrik, Judit Sinkovics
music: Nightkore
producer: Attila Csáky, Veronika Varjasi
production: Cameofilm, Afterjka
backing: Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary, Sparks, Focus-Fox Studio, Gaston Studio, Kodak Cinelabs Hungary
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