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by Bob Komar, Wozy Warren


Walking up blood-soaked in London next to a dead body, Jack has amnesia. But just enough wits about his to disappear before the police arrive. A photograph and a scribbles address draw him to Paris to visit Erin, the ex he can't remember. But a guy like Jack attracts trouble, and an encounter with the mysterious cabaret singer girl X brings him to the attention of underworld figure Garvey. As he struggles to remember his former life and with the British police closing on him. Jack finds his chances for happiness and a new life slipping away as he is dragged into a web of lust and deceit. With tragic consequences.
Based on the graphic novel by Paul Tanter.

original title: Jack Says
country: United Kingdom
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Bob Komar, Wozy Warren
film run: 90'
screenplay: Paul Tanter
cast: Simon Phillips, Rita Ramnani, Aureile Amblard, Daniel Roberts, Mike Reid, Rula Lenska, Eric Cantona
film editing: Paula Baker
costumes designer: Gaby Dean
music: Lindsay Bridgwater
producer: Aaron Sayers, Toby Meredith
production: Lucky Strike Productions, Kalimasu Productions
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