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by Carlos Saura


Venice 1763 - writer Lorenzo da Ponte is leading a pleasure-seeking life. He was originally a priest but his numerous affairs force him to be exiled to Vienna. Supported by his friend and mentor Giacomo Casanova, da Ponte is introduced to the King's favourite composer, Salieri, and a newcomer named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Seeing an opportunity to undermine Mozart's ascension, Salieri tricks Mozart into hiring this unknown libertine as his librettist. But da Ponte's own nature and sentimental wanderings in Vienna will nurture his inspiration and lead to one of Mozart's most bold and powerful compositions: 'Don Giovanni'.

international title: I, Don Giovanni
original title: Io, Don Giovanni (Lorenzo da Ponte)
country: Italy, Spain
sales agent: Roissy Films
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Carlos Saura
release date: IT 21/10/2009, FR 12/05/2010, ES 25/06/2010, PL 27/08/2010
screenplay: Carlos Saura, Raffaello Uboldi, Alessandro Vallini
cast: Lorenzo Balducci, Tobias Moretti, María Valverde, Ennio Fantastichini, Lino Guanciale, Francesco Barilli, Emilia Verginelli
cinematography by: Vittorio Storaro
film editing: Julia Juániz
art director: Paola Bizzarri
costumes designer: Birgit Hutter
music: Nicola Tescari
producer: Igor Uboldi, Andrea Occhipinti, Andrés Vicente Gómez
production: Edelweiss Production, RAI Cinema, Radio Plus, Intervenciones Novo Film 2006 Aie, Televion Espanola (ES)
backing: Instituto de Credito Oficial, Ministero de Cultura /ICAA, Generalitat Valenciana Ciudad de la Luz
distributor: Lucky Red, Eurozoom, Vivarto
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