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by Dominique Monféry


Nathanaël receives a very bizzare inheritance from his aunt Eleonora: a library and all its books … every work is an original and at night, the heroes of childrens' literature emerge from their pages. Nathanaël starts to get to know them and realises he is destined to inherit his auntfs mission: to protect them. If, by any misfortune, these characters should leave that library, their stories would be forgotten forever and they would vanish along with them. The adventure really begins when his parents decide to sell the books.

international title: Eleanor's Secret
original title: Kérity, la maison des contes
country: France, Italy
sales agent: Playtime
year: 2009
genre: animation
directed by: Dominique Monféry
release date: BE 16/12/2009, FR 16/12/2009
screenplay: Anik Le Ray, Alexandre Révérend
cinematography by: Rebecca Dautremer
film editing: Cédric Chauveau
art director: Marco Martis
music: Christophe Héral
producer: Clément Calvet, Christian Davin, Maria Fares, Roberto Baratta, Xavier Julliot
production: Alphanim/Gaumont, Lanterna Magica, La Fabrique de Films
distributor: Haut et Court
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