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by Mario Conte, Simone Wendel


Victor Slabon is the director of the experiment known as “record 12,” which consists in the non-stop, closed-circuit monitoring of Alena inside her home. The woman doesn’t know she is being observed until odd noises and objects that have been moved make her realize that there is something strange in the unreal solitude of the house and that she is a prisoner. In the meantime, the psychologist Dr Danner meets with Slabon and a mysterious government agent and together they discuss the true objective of “record 12.”

original title: Record 12
country: Germany
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Mario Conte, Simone Wendel
film run: 63'
screenplay: Mario Conte, Simone Wendel
cast: Meret Becker, Richard van Weyden, Iris Böhm, Oliver Wronka
cinematography by: Gerry Brosius, Uwe Hermann
film editing: Mario Conte
art director: Barbara Petri
costumes designer: Anni Lenk, Constanze Walldorf
music: Philipp Edward Kümpel
producer: Mario Conte, Simone Wendel
production: Projekt Gold
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