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by Ogawa Kazuya


The car, in small Arab-Israeli towns like Tayibe or Palestinian like Tulkarem, is fundamental. In this country to own a car becomes of vital importance, in order to reach bigger cities like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, and to be able to afford one becomes the dream of a lifetime, the car itself considered as a human being, a sort of wife. In Palestine many people buy a Japanese car, in order to save money, and Subaru is one of the most common. The film brings the audience into a few days in the life of Elzober, 45, a shy, modest widower and father of two, who works in a sushi restaurant in Tel Aviv and who can finally fulfill his dream: to buy a brand new black Legacy. His overwhelming joy is but not going to last: the very day after the purchase the car is stolen.

original title: Pink Subaru
country: Italy, Japan
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Ogawa Kazuya
film run: 96'
release date: IT 26/08/2011
screenplay: Akram Telawe, Giuliana Mettini
cast: Akram Telawe, Lana Zreik, Hassan Taha, Akram Khourie, Nidal Badarneh, Michal Yanai, Mantarou Koichi, Nozomi Kawata, Dan Toren
cinematography by: Hiroo Yanagida
film editing: Hiroo Yanagida
costumes designer: Rami Ardah
music: Yasunori Matsuda
producer: Mario Miyakawa, Keisuke Tanaka
production: Compact, Revolution (JP)
distributor: Iris Film Distribution
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