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by Federico Zampaglione


David, a young soldier returning from a tour of duty in Iraq, decides to go on a mountain biking adventure in Europe to forget his battle-weary past. In a beautiful, mysterious forest he meets Angeline. Packing bikes and tents, they team up to explore an isolated area, where they learn of a mystifying local myth. Soon, their natural surroundings turn into a nightmare, in which they are chased by two murderous hunters and an even more terrifying enemy. For David, it is a brusque awakening to a reality he wanted to forget.

original title: Shadow
country: Italy
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Federico Zampaglione
film run: 75'
release date: IT 23/04/2010
screenplay: Federico Zampaglione, Domenico Zampaglione, Giacomo Gensini
cast: Jake Muxworthy, Karina Testa, Ottaviano Blitch, Chris Coppola, Nout Arquint
cinematography by: Marco Bassano
music: Francesco Zampaglione
producer: Massimo Ferrero
production: Blu Cinematografica
distributor: Ellemme Group
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