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by Periklis Hoursoglou


Pavlos. Late forties. With two children who go to school every morning, the apartment block which it’s his turn to manage, the rotten plumbing and leaking sewage, the mother who’ll never get it into her head that her son is married to another woman – his wife, who feels him drifting ever further away after 10 years of marriage. But Pavlos has a dream: he wants to make this little world better!

international title: The Building Manager
original title: O diaheiristis
country: Greece
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Periklis Hoursoglou
film run: 92'
screenplay: Periklis Hoursoglou
cast: Periklis Hoursoglou, Vangelio Andreadaki, Efstathia Tsapareli, Costas Voutsas, Katerina Youlaki, Constantinos Hoursoglou, Iordanis Hoursoglou
cinematography by: Stamatis Yannoulis
film editing: Kenan Akawi
art director: Anastasia Arseni
music: Yannis Arzimanoglou
producer: Periklis Hoursoglou
production: Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation - ERT, Cinegram, NOVA
backing: Greek Film Center
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