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by Dave Schram


Centers on the life of fifteen-year-old Eva who doesn't get along with her stepfather, designs and sells t-shirts and has a crush on a guy named Mees. Frustrated, Eva feels like her best friend now spends all of her free time with her new boyfriend so when smooth operator Ricardo swoops in and tells Eva he can make her a famous fashion designer, she finally feels special but Mees doesn't trust him.

international title: Lover of Loser
original title: Lover of Loser
country: Netherlands
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Dave Schram
release date: NL 23/09/2009
cast: Thomas Acda, Claire Bender, Manuel Broekman, Ruud Feltkamp, Lucas Hamming, Abbey Hoes, Philip Ivanov, Gaite Jansen, Ander Kaffer, Bas Keijzer
cinematography by: Erwin Steen
film editing: Ot Louw
art director: Jan Rutgers
costumes designer: Fanny Kieft
music: Maarten Spruijt
producer: Maria Peters, Hans Pos, Danielle Raaphorst, Sjef Scholte
production: Lover or Loser Film BV, Shooting Star Filmcompany
distributor: RCV Film Distribution
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