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by Mike Eschmann


Another bear has suddenly appeared in a small village in the Grison Alps. The renowned Swiss bear expert, Urs Nägeli, sends his German assistant, Paula Kreuzer, to Valbensa to make an appraisal of how dangerous the animal is. There she meets Beat Geser, the only big game hunter in Switzerland. Geser has only one goal: he is absolutely determined to get a permit from her to shoot the bear and add it to his collection. Paula discovers that the decision to kill the bear was already made long ago and that her presence in Valbensa is merely a formality. This fills her with a new resolve and she is determined to assess the bear anyway and submit an unbiased expertise. But then such factors as love and the arrival of her boss, professor Nägeli, render the situation even more complicated.

original title: Eine bärenstarke Liebe
country: Germany, Switzerland
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Mike Eschmann
film run: 90'
release date: DE 21/10/2008
screenplay: Regine Bielefeldt, Hans G. Raeth
cast: Muriel Baumeister, Pasquale Aleardi, Stefan Gubser, Katharina von Bock, Peter Jecklin, Beat Marti
cinematography by: Benjamin Dernbecher
film editing: Christina Bärtschi
art director: Susanne Jauch
costumes designer: Birgit Kilian
music: Moritz Schneider
producer: Stephan Ottenbruch, Karin Koch
production: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG, Life Entertainment GmbH, SRF - Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, SAT.1 SatelitenFernsehen
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