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by Patrice Leconte


Felix (Philippe Torreton) owns and operates the bumper cars in an amusement park. One day, he is intrigued by a silent girl (Charlotte Gainsbourg) riding round and round the track, all alone, letting herself get bumped and knocked about by the other cars. A strange girl, seemingly remote from the ordinary fun of the fair. She is elsewhere, in a world of her own. Her name is Lola. That’s all she says. Before he knows it, Felix has fallen in love with her, touched by the sadness in her eyes. He goes after her, wanting to understand and help her, trying to bring back the smile that looks so good on her face. But Lola slips away, comes back, disappears again… She is there, but never completely. She seems tied to a mysterious past – a past that Felix will have to confront. How far can a person go when he’s in love? As far as killing somebody?

international title: Felix and Lola
original title: Félix et Lola
country: France
sales agent: Pathé International
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Patrice Leconte
film run: 89'
release date: FR 7/03/2001, BE 4/04/2001, CH 3/05/2001, NL 24/01/2002
screenplay: Patrice Leconte, Claude Klotz
cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Philippe Torreton, Alain Bashung, Philippe du Janerand, Ahmed Guedayia
cinematography by: Jean-Marie Dreujou
film editing: Joëlle Hache
art director: Ivan Maussion
costumes designer: Annie Perier
producer: Philippe Carcassonne
production: Ciné B
distributor: Pathé Distribution, A-Film Distribution, Alternative Films
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