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by Abdellatif Kechiche


A young Tunisian man arrives in France hoping to make his fortune. But he quickly comes to realise that he is one of the dispossessed and, as his dreams of riches come to nothing, discovers the solidarity of other outcasts.

international title: Blame it on Voltaire
original title: La faute à Voltaire
country: France
sales agent: Flach Pyramide International
year: 2000
genre: fiction
directed by: Abdellatif Kechiche
film run: 130'
release date: FR 14/02/2001, BE 16/05/2001, IT 29/06/2001, PL 17/05/2001, SE 15/05/2001, DE 06/06/2001, AT 17/01/2001
screenplay: Abdellatif Kechiche
cast: Sami Bouajila, Elodie Bouchez, Aure Atika, Bruno Lochet
cinematography by: Dominique Brenguier, Marie Spencer
film editing: Anick Baly, Tina Baz, Amina Mazani
art director: Quentin Prévost
costumes designer: Catherine d'Halluin
producer: Jean-François Lepetit
production: Flach Film
distributor: Mikado, Rezo Films, Gutek Film, Cinestar Filmverleih, Kool Filmdistribution, Triangelfilm

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