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by François Dupreyon


The story of a Kurdish man's determination to reach the UK at all costs is told through the eyes of a bereaved French woman, who eases her own despair by helping him.

international title: Inguélézi
original title: Inguélézi
country: France
sales agent: Onoma International
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: François Dupreyon
film run: 100'
release date: FR 25/05/2004
screenplay: François Dupreyon (based on his novel)
cast: Marie Payen, Eric Caravaca, Françoise Lebrun, Mar Sodupe, Sophie Barjac, Bertand Bossard
producer: Franck Landron, Sébastien Labadie
production: Les Films en Hiver
distributor: ARP Sélection, Alta Films
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