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by Massimo Piesco, Giorgio Molteni


In a German concentration camp, a Hungarian refugee August is assigned to work as a servant in the luxurious quarters of a commander and manages to persuade him to save priceless art works. Present-day Argentina, after August's death, his son decides to investigate further...

international title: The Hungarian Servant
original title: Il servo Ungherese
country: Italy
sales agent: Revolver
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Massimo Piesco, Giorgio Molteni
release date: IT 21/05/2004
screenplay: Massimo Piesco
cast: Tomas Arana, Andrea Renzi, Chiara Conti, Edoardo Sala, Milica Djukic, Cesare Bocci
cinematography by: Massimo Lupi
film editing: Carlo Fontana
art director: Emita Frigato
costumes designer: Bettina Bimbi
music: Davide Liuni
producer: Francesco Piermarini, Marco Maria Caputo
production: Ipe
distributor: Medusa Film
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