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by Elisabeth Löchen


After being let down by men during her life, Lauranne now enjoys a wonderful romance with the much younger Christian. Their love remains strong despite everyone's efforts to break them up. But ultimately, is their relationship strong enough to overcome all the obstacles?

original title: Christian
country: France
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Elisabeth Löchen
film run: 99'
release date: FR 07/11/2007
screenplay: Elisabeth Löchen, Sebastien Roche-Löchen
cast: Elisabeth Löchen, Annie Girardot, Yvon Martin, Christian Morin, Patrick Béthune, Charles Nemes, Philippe Cariou, Lola Vogel, Ittah Karen
cinematography by: Sébastien Joffard
film editing: Sebastien Roche-Löchen
art director: Judicaëlle Roche-Löchen, Alexandre Lagache
music: David Amsellem, Franck Lebon
producer: Judicaëlle Roche-Löchen, Sebastien Roche-Löchen
production: Lochness Productions, Toggle Productions
distributor: Toggle Distribution
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