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by Natalia Smirnoff


It’s Maria’s fiftieth birthday and her family give her a jigsaw puzzle as a present. She is highly delighted and pleasantly surprised, because Maria has made an astonishing discovery: not only does this patient housewife enjoy doing puzzles – she’s also extremely good at them. Thrilled by her new passion, she goes straight back to the shop where her present was bought to get another puzzle, and comes across an advert on the notice board: “Part - ner wanted for puzzle tournament”. Maria plucks up all her courage and, ignoring her family’s reservations, decides to respond to the advert.

international title: Puzzle
original title: Rompecabezas
country: Argentina, France
sales agent: Memento International
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Natalia Smirnoff
release date: FR 23/06/2010, ES 06/05/2011
screenplay: Natalia Smirnoff
cast: María Onetto, Gabriel Goity, Arturo Goetz, Henny Trailes, Felipe Villanueva, Julian Doregger, Nora Zinsky, Marcela Guerty
cinematography by: Bárbara Álvarez
film editing: Natacha Valerga
producer: Gabriel Pastore, Caroline Dhainaut-Nollet, Luis Sartor, Natalia Smirnoff
production: Las Niñas Pictures, Carroussel Films, Zarlek Producciones (AR)
distributor: Sophie Dulac Distribution, Golem Distribución
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