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by Grégoire Vigneron


At almost 40, Etienne is about to take over as CEO of his company. However, he wants to ease his guilty conscience about an injustice he committed at the start of his career, which indeed launched it. Persuaded by a friend from his youth, he visits the man he once wronged in order to compensate him. But things turn out badly and the man is killed by Etienne’s friend. Etienne then tries to get his life back on track, but it gradually turns into a nightmare. Hounded by his friend, caught up in the police investigation of the murder, the more Etienne fights back, the more the net tightens around him. At the end of his tether, Etienne realises that only one solution remains open to him...

international title: Immaculate
original title: Sans laisser de traces
country: France
sales agent: Wild Bunch International
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Grégoire Vigneron
release date: FR 10/03/2010
screenplay: Grégoire Vigneron, Laurent Tirard
cast: Benoît Magimel, François-Xavier Demaison, Julie Gayet, Léa Seydoux, Jean-Marie Winling, Dominique Labourier, André Wilms, Stéphane De Groodt, Ludovic Gossiaux
cinematography by: Laurent Dailland
film editing: Valérie Deseine
art director: Bertrand Seitz
costumes designer: Florence Scholtes, Christophe Pidré
music: Christophe La Pinta
producer: Olivier Delbosc, Marc Missonnier
production: Fidélité Films, Wild Bunch Production, Mars Films, Scope Pictures, Orange Cinéma Séries, Fortis Films
distributor: Mars Films Distribution
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