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by Frédéric Chignac


Alex was only supposed to stay a few minutes in Koupala, the time it took to get some petrol. But with his car broken down, his stay will be much longer than expected... In this small remote village in the middle of the African desert where nobody passes by to help him, Alex gradually loses his reference points and certainties as a white man in Africa. Without realising, he becomes a vital asset for the village.

international title: The Time of the Charity Fête Is Over
original title: Le Temps de la kermesse est terminé
country: France
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Frédéric Chignac
release date: FR 17/03/2010
screenplay: Frédéric Chignac
cast: Stéphane Guillon, Aïssa Maïga, Ali Monzanza, Malik Sall, Eriq Ebouaney, Amara Conde, Thierno N'diaye Doss, Philippe Nahon
cinematography by: Jean-Marie Dreujou
film editing: Isabelle Dedieu
art director: Tony Egry
costumes designer: Sophie Dussaud
music: René-Marc Bini
producer: Jean-François Lepetit
production: Flach Film, France 3 Cinéma, Canal+, Ciné+
distributor: Rezo Films
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