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by Tamás Dömötör


Based on Milán Füst’s stage play, "The Unhappy Ones", written in 1914 and inspired by the suicide of a married man’s mistress. A man from the countryside takes part in the show at the request of his sister, whom he hasn’t seen for six years. She has decided to bring her family together before the cameras. Emotions overflow and two tragedies unfold at the same time: a love triangle and the broader issue of media exploitation of personal distress. Added to this is a western investor attracted by the potential profits of the media market in Eastern Europe.

original title: Czukor Show
country: Hungary, Sweden
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Tamás Dömötör
release date: HU 04/03/2010
screenplay: Tamás Dömötör
cast: Zsolt Anger, Attila Árpa, Szilvia Csonka, Balázs Czukor, Kata Péter
cinematography by: Máté Tóth Widamon
producer: Ferenc Pusztai
production: KMH Film, Dropout-Film, Anagram Produktion
backing: Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (MMKA)
distributor: HungariCom

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