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by Tomasz Emil Rudzik


Their paths cross in the elevator of an anonymous student block in Munich: Clara, Motek, and Sin are three strangers in Germany, longing for acceptance and warmth, searching for a spark of the feeling we call “home”. A deaf-mute guy from Latvia invites a girl to spend a day with each other without speaking. A Romanian girl tries to catch God’s attention by testing the limits of the Ten Commandments. A Chinese guy finance his studies as a tutor in math of a teenage rebel.

original title: Desperados on the Block
country: Germany
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Tomasz Emil Rudzik
film run: 85'
cast: Juli Alexandrov, Sonja Beck, Paul Bintz, Jonas Buchsein, Qi-Min Fei, Angelika Fink, Cora Friebl
cinematography by: Sorin Dragoi
film editing: Christoph Hutterer
art director: Cinzia Fossati, Christina Heidelmeier
costumes designer: Anne-Charlotte Viriot
music: Dieter Schleip
producer: Fritz Böhm, Sven Nuri
production: Toccata Film
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