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by Janus Metz


An upfront account of growing cynicism and adrenaline addiction for young soldiers at war. Mads and Daniel are stationed in camp Armadillo on the Helmand frontline, fighting tough battles against the Taleban on a daily basis. Their platoon is there to help the Afghans, but as fighting gets increasingly hairy, mistrust and paranoia set in causing alienation and disillusion. War becomes a drug that makes the young boys pursue their reality-kicks with increasing recklessness.

international title: Armadillo
original title: Armadillo
country: Denmark
sales agent: TrustNordisk
year: 2010
genre: documentary
directed by: Janus Metz
film run: 90'
release date: DK 05/05/2010, FR 15/12/2010, NL 06/01/2011, BE 16/02/2011, UK 08/04/2011
screenplay: Janus Metz
cinematography by: Lars Skree
film editing: Per K. Kirkegaard
music: Uno Helmersson
producer: Ronnie Fridthjof, Sara Stockmann
production: Fridthjof Film a/s, Auto Images
backing: The Danish Film Institute, TV2 Denmark, Nordic Film and TV Fund, YLE Finland, NRK Norway, Channel 4 UK, VPRO Holland, SVT Sverige
distributor: DistriB Films, Filmfreak Distributie, Imagine, Soda Pictures
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