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by Paula van der Oest


A series of stories about what happens when people lose their safety net, especially in societies where identity and feelings of happiness and wellbeing are strongly dependent on material and economic success. People in different countries or continents might not seem to be interrelated but we are more connected than we sometimes like to think.

international title: The Domino Effect
original title: The Domino Effect
country: Netherlands
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Paula van der Oest
release date: NL 18/10/2012
screenplay: Paula van der Oest
cast: Theo Maassen, Yelka van Houten, Bracha van Doesburgh, Robert de Hoog
cinematography by: Guido van Gennep
film editing: Sander Vos
art director: Beth Gatza
music: Adrian Corker
producer: Kees Kasander, Carlo Dusi
production: The Kasander Film Company
distributor: Benelux film Distributors Netherlands (BFD)

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