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by Nacho G. Velilla


Eliseo is ugly, he limps and he’s single. He hasn’t found the woman of his life and he hasn’t known love. Eliseo thinks the worst part of his life is about to arrive. Nati is ugly, missing a breast and is separated. She found the man of her life, but despite this, she didn’t find love. Nati thinks the best part of her live is about to arrive. But the death of Eliseo’s mother makes their paths cross again after twenty years, giving them a last chance to fall in love and be happy but... what happens when the woman of your life is married to your brother?

original title: Que se mueran los feos
country: Spain
sales agent: DeAPlaneta
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Nacho G. Velilla
release date: ES 23/04/2010
screenplay: Oriol Capel, David S. Olivas, Nacho G. Velilla, Antonio Sánchez
cast: Javier Cámara, Carmen Machi, Hugo Silva, Julián López, Ingrid Rubio, Juan Diego
cinematography by: David Omedes
film editing: Ángel Hernández Zoido
art director: Monica Alberte
costumes designer: Edgar Molinos
music: Juanjo Javierre
producer: Mercedes Gamero, Nacho G. Velilla
production: Antena 3, Aparte Producciones
distributor: Warner Bros.
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