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by Mariana Otero


When their lingerie factory goes bankrupt, the employees‹mostly women‹attempt to take it over by forming a cooperative. As their project takes shape, they come up against their boss and the reality of the marketplace. Their little enterprise becomes a theater where, in an impish tone, fundamental economic and social issues are played out amidst the bras and panties. Out of their adventure and struggles together comes a new-found freedom.

original title: Entre nos mains
country: France
sales agent: Doc & Film International
year: 2010
genre: documentary
directed by: Mariana Otero
film run: 90'
release date: 06/10/2010
cinematography by: Mariana Otero
film editing: Anny Danché
music: Fred Fresson
producer: Denis Freyd
production: Archipel 33
backing: Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’image animée, Centre-Images - Région Centre, Procirep – Société des Producteurs et de l’Angoa
distributor: Diaphana Distribution