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by Vahur Laiapea


50-year old Georg Vinogradov is the pastor at the Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church in the city of Võru. Being of Roma origin, Georg's road to faith was a harsh one including, among other things, time in prison, diagnosed cancer and later recovery from it. Georg is the father of eight children. His home is his church. Georg believes that life for the Roma is in deep crisis. The ancient unwritten Roma rules no longer apply. The community is divided with each man for his own and Romas deceiving Romans. Georg believes that his people are in need of a second coming, a spiritual rebirth, and he attempts to offer this through his religion and church. At the centre of this film is the relationship, possibly even conflict between a Christian world view and the traditional Roma world.

international title: The Mission of a Rom
original title: Mustlase missioon
country: Estonia
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Vahur Laiapea
film run: 67'
screenplay: Vahur Laiapea
cinematography by: Vahur Laiapea
film editing: Urmas Sepp
producer: Vahur Laiapea
production: Ikoon
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