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by Ben Miller


Warren and Clark meet when Clark heckles Warren on stage in a crowded comedy club. Their improvised banter goes down a storm, and Warren becomes convinced that destiny has spoken: Warren and Clark are meant to be the biggest comedy double act of all time. There's only one slight problem: they are terrible and can't get a gig. As their frustration mounts, and their efforts to get noticed become increasingly desperate, their friendship begins to curdle into bitter rivalry. In a world that wants to deny their destiny, Warren and Clark must find a way to stick together if they are to have a chance of making it huge.

international title: Huge
original title: Huge
country: United Kingdom
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Ben Miller
screenplay: Ben Miller, Simon Godley
cast: Noel Clarke, Johnny Harris, Thandie Newton
cinematography by: Trevor Forrest
film editing: Richard Graham
art director: Kristian Milsted
music: Christian Henson
producer: Rebecca Farhall, Colin Jones
production: Toff Media, Fortuitous Films
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