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by Ashley Horner


He's a photographer; she's a taxidermist. He's called Manchester; she's called Noon. Together, over one sweaty summer, they create an idyll of uninhibited lovemaking and unfettered - and suddenly the art world wants to get every bit as intimate with him as Noon has been. Commerce, pretension, publicity - can either their love or his creativity survive?

original title: Brilliantlove
country: United Kingdom
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Ashley Horner
release date: UK 12/11/2010
screenplay: Sean Conway
cast: Liam Browne, Nancy Trotter-Landry, Michael Hodgson, Stephen Bent, Arabella Arnott, Cliff Burnett, Stephen Beardsley
cinematography by: Simon Tindall
film editing: Ben Wilson
art director: Julie Ann Horan, Emma Crossley
producer: Karl Liegis, Ashley Horner
production: Pinball Films Limited
distributor: Soda Pictures
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