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by Anne Riitta Ciccone


Claudia is your typical thirtysomething urban woman going through a life crisis. She is a hypochondriac with a stressful job and a boring fiancé.
Her unlikely saviour is none other than her mother, a former hippie who gives Claudia an amulet that belonged to her great-grandmother. The amulet is a simple bag of rosemary but it has the capacity to give Claudia all the strength and self-confidence she needs to change her life completely. Claudia's mother is happy to see her daughter has managed it and decides to tell her the truth about the amulet...

international title: THE WITCH DOCTORS
original title: LE SCIAMANE
country: Italy
sales agent: RAI Com
year: 2000
genre: fiction
directed by: Anne Riitta Ciccone
film run: 94'
release date: IT 15/09/2000
screenplay: Anne Riitta Ciccone
cast: Antonella Ponziani, Cecilia Dazzi, Piero Natoli, Macha Méril, Mario De Candia, Tasha Rodrigues, Silvia Gonzales Castillo, Nino Frassica, Roberto Farnesi
cinematography by: Franco Di Giacomo
film editing: Stefano Chierchiè
art director: Alessandro Marrazzo
costumes designer: Metella Raboni
music: Massimo Nunzi
producer: Francesco Torelli
production: Francesco Torelli Productions, RAI Cinema
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