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by Kim Chapiron


Angel, 15 years old (recidivist): assault and auto theft. Davis, 16 years old: possession of narcotics with intent to resell. Butch, 17 years old: assault on a correctional officer. The three are taken to Enola Vale Youth Correctional Center in Montana and placed under the authority and watch of Officer Goodyear, a strict but caring guard. Butch faces the prospect of adult prison and tries to keep a low profile… until he and Davis become the subject of ruthless assaults by another inmate, Banks. Returning from solitary after they refused to rat Banks out, Butch challenges his attacker as the top dog. Like a bunch of strays locked up in the pound, the young men struggle to keep their bodies and spirits intact, but each act of violence swells ever more forcefully.

international title: Dog Pound
original title: Dog Pound
country: France, Canada, United Kingdom
sales agent: Wild Bunch International
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Kim Chapiron
release date: FR 23/06/2010, UK 27/08/2010
screenplay: Jérémie Delon, Kim Chapiron
cast: Adam Butcher, Shane Kippel, Mateo Morales, Slim Twig, Taylor Poulin, Dewshane Williams, Lawrence Bayne
cinematography by: André Chémétoff
film editing: Benjamin Weill
art director: Terry Quennell
costumes designer: Brenda McLeese
music: Balmorhea, K'Naan, Nikfurie (la Caution)
producer: Georges Bermann
production: Partizan Films
backing: Canal +, Ciné Cinéma
distributor: Mars Films Distribution, StudioCanal, A Contracorriente Films
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