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by Dimitar Mitovski


The Bulgarian embassy in London is in disarray- the consul has organized a “duty free shop” where they sell cigarettes and alcohol from diplomatic supplies to London’s Bulgarians, and hardly ever engage in any sort of diplomatic activities. The country has just joined the EU, and president’s wife wants to arrange a celebration and invite Queen Elisabeth herself. To this end, she appoints a new ambassador Varadin who should set the embassy employees straight and make sure that the Queen attends the party. Based on the immensely popular novel by Alek Popov.

international title: Mission: London
original title: Mission: London
country: Bulgaria, Hungary, North Macedonia, United Kingdom
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Dimitar Mitovski
release date: BG 26/04/2010, HU 07/01/2010, CZ 19/06/2014
screenplay: Delyana Maneva, Dimitar Mitovski
cast: Tomas Arana, Ralph Brown, Alan Ford, Georgi Staykov, Julian Vergov, Ana Papadopulu, Rosemary Leach
cinematography by: Nenad Boroevich
film editing: Marko Glušac
producer: Dimitar Mitovski, Methodius Petrikov, Ivan Doykov, László Kántor, Antov Ognen, Fredrik Zander, Bob Portal, Simon Markham
production: Camera Ltd, Fidelity Film, Matrix Film (HU), Dream Factory (MK)
backing: Bulgarian Film Centre, Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation, Macedonian Film Fund, Film I Vast, Eurimages
distributor: Film Europe, Film Europe s.r.o.

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