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by Tonino De Bernardi


Contemporary Turin. Rosatigre is what Antonello, a young Neapolitan immigrant and transvestite uses when he prostitutes himself on the streets of the city. He is joined by Sasà, maybe a friend or lover who tries to convince Antonello to return to the south and home.
This is a well-written story about Rosatigre’s days in Naples between Christmas and Epiphany. Wanda, a friend and colleague has also come down to Naples to be with him for the holidays. She finds the love of her life in Naples; he is “the American”. Antonello ends his tumultuous relationship with Sasà and returns to the dark and foggy streets of Turin.

international title: Rosatigre
original title: Rosatigre
country: Italy
year: 2000
genre: fiction
directed by: Tonino De Bernardi
film run: 102'
release date: IT 27/11/2000
screenplay: Tonino De Bernardi, Filippo Timi
cast: Filippo Timi, Giulietta De Bernardi, Santino Esposito, Federico Herman, Lavinia Lia, Salvatore Cantalupo
cinematography by: Tonino De Bernardi
film editing: Massimiliano Ferraina, Fiorella Giovanelli
art director: Lino Fiorito
costumes designer: Filippo Timi
producer: Leonardo Giuliano, Caterina Nardi
production: Arancia Cinema

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