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by Amit Dutta


Nainsukh (born 1710, died 1768) was the greatest eighteenth-century Indian miniaturist, the son of the respected Pandit Seu and brother of the steadfast Manaku. He deviated from his family workshop style by following his interest for Mughal naturalism. At the age of thirty, Nainsukh was invited by Raja Zorawar Singh to his castle in Jasrota. Nainsukh served him until Singh’s untimely death, but was retained as court artist by his young son Raja Balwant Singh. These two dandy-like, non-ruling Rajput princes were connoisseurs who enjoyed spending their limited fortunes on entertaining colourful guests and they shared a refined taste in music, dance and theatrical performances. Nainsukh participated in their artistic amusements...

international title: Nainsukh
original title: Nainsukh
country: Switzerland, India
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Amit Dutta
film run: 90'
cast: Manish Soni, Nitin Goel, K. Rajesh, Sriniwas Joshi
production: Museum Rietberg Zurich
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