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by Carlo Mazzacurati


What is the feeling of a city? It is the roads, the light that illuminates them, the people that live there and their stories. It is all these things but also something else, something that requires time and attention to be understood. Sei Venezia goes in search of this feeling exploring the city and its lagoon, prying into its corners and its days, listening to the stories of six citizens: a hotel waiter, an old archaeologist, a pensioner from Mestre, a painter/fisherman, an apartment burglar and a young boy.

original title: Sei Venezia
country: Italy
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Carlo Mazzacurati
screenplay: Carlo Mazzacurati, Marco Pettenello, Claudio Piersanti
cast: Giovanni Galeazzi, Roberta Zanchin, Ernesto Canal, Carlo Memo, Ramiro Ambrosi, Massimo Comin
production: Argonauti
distributor: Argonauti
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