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by Tinto Brass


Paola, a curvaceous 20-year old Venetian giri, cheerful character and exuberant sensually, briskly enters the offices of a London real estate agency. She is looking for an apartment to rent for Matteo. Matteo studies at the Economic Studies University of Venice. They are in love and Matteo wants to join her in London for a "full-immersion” English course.

original title: Tra(sgre)dire
country: Italy
sales agent: Filmexport Group
year: 1999
genre: fiction
directed by: Tinto Brass
film run: 93'
screenplay: Tinto Brass, Carla Cipriani, Niccolay Pennestri, Massimiliano Zanin
cast: Yarno Bernardi, Leila Carli, Francesca Nunzi, Yuliya Mayarchuk
cinematography by: Massimo Di Venanzo
film editing: Tinto Brass
art director: Carlo De Marino
costumes designer: Stefano Giovani
music: Pino Donaggio
producer: Pino Gargiulo
production: C. R. C. Compagnia Realizzazioni Cinetelevisive
distributor: Lion Pictures