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by Fouad Benhammou


A group of friends goes on a trip to the village of Ruiflec with two different cars. When they get close to the village, all the passengers of one of the cars have disappeared.The others arrive in an empty village and can't find their friends.

international title: The Village of the Shadows
original title: Le Village des ombres
country: France
sales agent: Playtime
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Fouad Benhammou
film run: 103'
release date: FR 17/11/2010
screenplay: Lionel Olenga, Pascal Jaubert, Fouad Benhammou
cast: Christa Théret, Bárbara Goenaga, Ornella Boulé, Jonathan Cohen, Cyrille Thouvenin, Djédjé Apali
cinematography by: Romain Lacourbas
art director: Sébastien Inizan
music: Stéphane Legouvello
producer: Thomas Bruxelle, Laurent Bruneteau
distributor: DistriB Films
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