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by Jasmin Duraković


The story is set in Sarajevo, sometime after 11. September 2001. Karim, the young Bosnian Muslim boy, works as a mine-detector and deactivator in the mountains around the town. His job is very stressful, however the money he gets stand him in good stead. While he is waiting for his corps to be led to Iraq, a special love evolves between him and Ivana, a girl from Belgrade. But there is a third person, Karim’s best friend, Juka…

international title: Sevdah for Karim
original title: Sevdah za Karim
country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Hungary
sales agent: Insomnia World Sales
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Jasmin Duraković
screenplay: Jasmin Duraković, Asmir Kujović
cast: Amar Selimović, Marija Karan, Adnan Hasković, Asli Bayram, Mirvad Kurić
cinematography by: Sahim Sisić
music: Brano Jakubović
producer: Angelina Duraković, Jasmin Duraković
production: Artdeluxe Gmbh, Tivoli Film Productions, Depo (BA)
backing: Concorde Film Trust
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