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by Carlo Vanzina


We're in present-day Milan, with Francesca, Alice, Paula and Laura, ex-school friends now in their mid-twenties. Despite their separate callings, they've never lost touch with one another.
Francesca is a dancer, working mostly in TV variety shows.
Her secret ambition is to become an all-around television personality, hostoing her own program. Though the competition is rough, she's not about to compromise. A good-looking, upright girl all in one!

international title: What girls never say
original title: Quello che le ragazze non dicono
country: Italy
sales agent: Filmexport Group
year: 2000
genre: fiction
directed by: Carlo Vanzina
film run: 91'
release date: IT 27/11/2000
screenplay: Enrico Vanzina, Carlo Vanzina
cast: Irene Ferri, Carlotta Miti, Sabrina Paravicini, Martina Colombari, Vincenzo Peluso
cinematography by: Gian Lorenzo Battaglia
film editing: Luca Montanari
art director: Tonino Zera
costumes designer: Daniela Rossi
music: Gaetano Curreri, Fabio Liberatori
producer: Pio Angeletti, Adriano De Micheli
production: Dean Film, Planet Pictures
distributor: Columbia Tristar Films Italy
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