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by Rocco Mortelliti


Vigata, 1890. Accountant Antonio Patò, bank director of Trinacria bank, mysteriously disappears without leaving a trace during the Easter passion play, in which he masterfully interprets the part of Judas. Anything could have happened, all hypotheses are valid. Deputy Bellavia together with warrant officer Giummaro look for a solution, first as rivals, then as friends, and finally as accomplices. With the perseverance and common sense of those who perhaps do not know Latin but know the human soul well, Giummaro and Bellavia finally discover what happened, and can explain why the accountant disappeared. However, the much awaited truth burns in the hands of the two investigators: the final report presented to the authorities triggers a wave of panic that is felt from Rome all the way to the heart of Sicily through telegrams, messages and threats.

original title: La scomparsa di Patò
country: Italy
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Rocco Mortelliti
screenplay: Andrea Camilleri, Rocco Mortelliti, Maurizio Nichetti
cast: Nino Frassica, Maurizio Casagrande, Neri Marcorè, Alessandra Mortelliti
cinematography by: Tommaso Borgstrom
film editing: Marzia Mete
art director: Biagio Fersini
costumes designer: Paola Marchesin
music: Paola Ghigo
production: 13 Dicembre S.r.l., S.Ti.C Cinematografica

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