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by Raed Andoni


Inspired by his own psychological excavations, Andoni develops the concept to apply to modern-day Palestine, a project that inspires this witty, personal and compelling film. Featuring a colorful array of characters, including members of the director's own family, Andoni explores the individual memories of Palestinians, whose life experiences have been shaped by military occupation, oppression of the people and continuous erosion of citizens' rights. In a place so dominated by collective consciousness and identity, finding individuality becomes the focus of this fascinating - and moving - study.

international title: Fix ME
original title: Fix ME
country: France, Switzerland, Palestine
year: 2010
genre: documentary
directed by: Raed Andoni
release date: FR 17/11/2010
cinematography by: Aldo Mugnier, Filip Zumbrunn
film editing: Tina Baz
music: Erik Rug, Yousef Hbeisch
producer: Julie Gayet, Nadia Turincev, Nicolas Wadimoff, Raed Andoni
production: Rouge International, Les Films de Zayna, ARTE France Cinéma, Akka Films, Dar Films
distributor: Dulac Distribution
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