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by Marco Simon Puccioni


Impero, a private detective, is apparently imprisoned in a gray professional and sentimental routine. Rosa asks him to investigate on Davide, the twenty-year-old son of Francesco, who has been a friend since her youth.

international title: What you're looking for
original title: Quello che cerchi
country: Italy
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Marco Simon Puccioni
film run: 100'
release date: IT 07/06/2002
screenplay: Marco Simon Puccioni, Massimo Bavastro
cast: Marcello Mazzarella, Antal Nagy, Stefania Orsola Garello, Antonella Attili, Lulu Pecorari, Carolina Felline
cinematography by: Paolo Ferrari
film editing: Federico Schiavi, Babak Karimi
art director: Marta Zani, Marco Simon Puccioni
costumes designer: Sergio Mario Minelli
music: Michael Galasso, Alessandro Molinari, Cristiano Fracaro
producer: Mario Mazzarotto
production: Intel Film
distributor: Làntia Cinema & Audiovisivi
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