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by Vincenzo Marra


Sicily, 2000. Nighttime. A group of fishermen is crossing the Tunisian Sea in order to take back their nets full of fish. The following day, the fishermen, now tired for the accumulated tension, discuss whether to continue fishing illegally in Tunisian waters. Franco, who had never agreed to it, is worried. His friend Samir is even more worried, as he knows very well the risks they run at each crossing. However, Sasa’, Giovanni and the older ones have already decided: when the sun sets, they will cross again the forbidden waters. One night a Tunisian police boat intercepts the group. The police officers shoot, but Franco, manages to get the boat away. Daytime.

international title: Sailing Home
original title: Tornando a casa
country: Italy
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Vincenzo Marra
film run: 88'
release date: IT 07/09/2001
screenplay: Vincenzo Marra
cast: Aniello Scotto D'Antuono, Giovanni Iaccarino, Salvatore Iaccarino, Roberta Papa, Azouz Abdel Aziz
cinematography by: Ramiro Civita
film editing: Luca Benedetti
art director: Roberto De Angelis
costumes designer: Maria Cannarozzo
producer: Amedeo Pagani
production: Classic Srl
distributor: Sacher Distribuzione
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