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by Pino Ammendola, Nicola Pistoia


In Naples, Dario and Carlo are the owners of a modest trattoria. It has a chance to take off, thanks to an important event: the official engagement dinner for Miria, a policewoman, and Giuliano, a dazed Carabiniere and trattoria habituè. But things don't go as planned...Miria confesses to Giuliano that she betrayed him with one of his colleague three years before.
Giuliano is miserable, and the restaurant, which ought to have been the site of his dreams coming true, is transformed into the scene of his desperation....There's nothing left for him to do but share his misery with the unfortunate proprietors.
But the sudden arrival of the beautiful Viviana turns their lives upside down...

original title: Stregati dalla luna
country: Italy
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Pino Ammendola, Nicola Pistoia
film run: 91'
release date: IT 06/04/2001
screenplay: Pino Ammendola, Nicola Pistoia
cast: Pino Ammendola, Nicola Pistoia, Megan Gale, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Maurizio Casagrande
cinematography by: Giuseppe Ruzzolini
film editing: Patrizio Marone
art director: Stefano Giambanco
costumes designer: Stefano Giambanco
producer: Rita Rusic, Lierka Rusic
production: Rita Rusic Company
distributor: Columbia Tristar Films Italy
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