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by Carlo Mazzacurati


Guido is a good-natured man in his forties with a gambling problem. He decides that the solution to his money problems is to rob a bank which he does with help from his girlfriend, Antonella.

international title: Jail Break
original title: A cavallo della tigre
country: Italy
sales agent: RAI Com
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Carlo Mazzacurati
film run: 98'
release date: IT 08/11/2002
screenplay: Carlo Mazzacurati, Franco Bernini
cast: Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Paola Cortellesi, Tuncel Kurtiz, Rafik Boubker, Manrico Gammarota, Marco Paolini, Marco Messeri
cinematography by: Alessandro Pesci
film editing: Paolo Cottignola
art director: Paola Bizzarri
costumes designer: Lina Nerli Taviani
music: Ivano Fossati
producer: Marco Valsania, Marco Poccioni
production: Rodeo Drive, RAI Cinema
distributor: 01 Distribution

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