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by Sabina Guzzanti


The "Bimba" of the title is a spoilt, untalented but extremely ambitious starlet whose one claim to fame is that she was cloned from a little-known American actress who was famous for 15 minutes and then fell into oblivion.

original title: BIMBA
country: Italy
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Sabina Guzzanti
film run: 98'
release date: IT 15/11/2002
screenplay: Sabina Guzzanti
cast: Sabina Guzzanti, Francesco Paolantoni, Adriana Asti, Giovanni Esposito, Antonio Catania
cinematography by: Beppe Lanci
film editing: Francesca Calvelli
art director: Marco Dentici
costumes designer: Salvatore Salzano
production: Medusa Film
distributor: Medusa Film
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