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by Paul Harather


Trixi Jancik leads a double life. A minor squabble at home brings the situation to a head and marks a turning point in her life.

international title: The Praying Mantis
original title: Die Gottesaneterin
country: Austria
sales agent: Allegro Film Produktions
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Paul Harather
film run: 93'
release date: AT 09/03/2001, DE 27/09/2001
screenplay: Paul Harather, Susanne Freund, Gerda Edelweiss Grossmann
cast: Christiane Hörbiger, Udo Kier, Jan Niklas, Peter Faerber, Ursula Koban, Simon Schwarz
cinematography by: Fabian Eder
film editing: Andreas Kopriva
art director: Elisabeth Klobassa
costumes designer: Thomas Oláh
music: Tom Batoy, Mona Davis, Amedeo Tortora, Franco Tortora
producer: Helmut Grasser
production: Allegro Film
distributor: Filmladen, Movienet (DE)
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