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by Teresa Villaverde


When her husband leaves, Ana thinks to finish a work she has been doing for a long time, but the day will spent differently and she will save a stranger from drowning, will met young Alexandre and Emilia, and will receive her friend Vera.

international title: Water and Salt
original title: Água e sal
country: Portugal, Italy, France
sales agent: Gémini Films
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Teresa Villaverde
film run: 117'
release date: PT 15/02/2002, FR 08/05/2002, IT 06/12/2002
screenplay: Teresa Villaverde
cast: Galatea Ranzi, Joaquim De Almeida, Chico Buarque, Alexandre Pinto, Miguel Borges
cinematography by: Emmanuel Machuel
film editing: Andrée Davanture
art director: Ana Louro
costumes designer: Rita Lopes Alves
producer: Paulo Branco
production: Madragoa Filmes, Titti Film, RTP - Radiotelevisão Portuguesa
backing: ICAM, Eurimages, Tele+
distributor: Atalanta Filmes, Gruppo Pasquino (IT), Gémini Films (FR)
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