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by Laurent Cantet


Laid off from his job, Vincent, a business consultant, thinks up a new fictive job for himself in Geneva. In a bind financially – for although he’s not earning he’s got to appear to be – and increasingly obliged to fake work, Vincent falls into his own trap. Lying to family and friends then becomes a full-time occupation.

international title: Time Out
original title: L'Emploi du temps
country: France
sales agent: Celluloid Dreams
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Laurent Cantet
film run: 132'
release date: IT 19/10/2001, FR 14/11/2001, CH 14/11/2001, BE 28/11/2001, PT 01/03/2002, UK 05/04/2002, GR 24/05/2002, ES 21/06/2002, AT 30/08/2002, NL 05/09/2002, SE 13/09/2002, DE 10/10/2002, NO 25/10/2002, PL 25/10/2002
screenplay: Laurent Cantet, Robin Campillo
cast: Aurélien Recoing, Karin Viard, Serge Livrozet, Jean-Pierre Mangeot, Nicolas Kalsch, Marie Cantet
cinematography by: Pierre Milon
film editing: Robin Campillo
art director: Romain Denis
costumes designer: Elisabeth Méhu
music: Jocelyn Pook
producer: Caroline Benjo
production: Haut et Court, ARTE France Cinéma, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Havas Images
distributor: Haut et Court, Mikado (IT), Agora Films (CH), Cinéart (BE), Atalanta Filmes (PT), Artificial Eye (UK), Prooptiki (GR), Golem Distribucion (ES), A-Film Distribution (NL), Folkets Bio (SE), Polyfilm (AT), Alamode (DE), Arthaus (NO), Best Film (PL)
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