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by Angelos Spartalis


The real leader of the terrorist organization “17 November” lives free among us, planning the next attack. At the same time, the last assassin of the group falls in love with the secret agent who is after her, knowing he is a cop but not that he is also her brother.

original title: To syndromo tis Hionatis
country: Greece
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Angelos Spartalis
film run: 75'
release date: GR 26/03/2009
screenplay: Angelos Spartalis
cast: Manos Vakousis, Ulli Rot, Petros Polykandriotis, Ilias Fragakis, Nikos Koundouros, Marianthi Menegaki, Maria Spatharaki, Tatiana Stavroulaki
cinematography by: Angelos Spartalis, Angeliki Svoronou
film editing: Angelos Spartalis
art director: Nikos Koundouros, Angelos Spartalis
costumes designer: Kristi Mengou
music: Common Sense, Dark Elf vs. Innersound, Antonis Kizoulis, Oblivion, Professor Skank
producer: Angelos Spartalis
production: Wish You Luck film productions
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